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Two Roll Chocolate Refiner

Achieve the Ultimate Texture and Quality in Your Chocolate Creations

Discover unparalleled refinement with our Two Roll Refiner Series, designed to perfect the texture and homogeneity of your chocolate pastes and creams. Employing precision rollers to exert targeted pressure and cutting force, these refiners reduce particle size to achieve a smooth, fine texture essential for premium chocolate products. Available in models ROLL 15, ROLL 30, and ROLL 75, this series caters to a range of production scales, from boutique chocolatiers to large-scale manufacturers, ensuring everyone can produce chocolate that stands out for its quality and consistency.

  • Versatile Capacity Options

    With models designed for 15, 30, and 75 kg/batch, find the perfect fit for your production requirements.

  • Precision Roller Adjustment

    Customize the pressure applied between the rollers to refine chocolate to your exact standards of texture and fineness.

  • Continuous Chocolate Recirculation

    Equipped with a dedicated recirculation system, including a bottom hopper with a pumping and agitation mechanism, ensuring even and consistent refinement.

  • Robust Construction

    Each model boasts a sturdy build with AISI 304 stainless steel, meeting the highest standards for food safety and durability.

  • User-Centric Design

    Intuitive control panels with start-stop functionality and safety features, including comprehensive protective guards and easy maneuverability with installed casters for optimal placement within your production area.

Technical Specifications

Model Capacity Main Motor Chocolate pump
15 kg/batch
2 HP
1 HP
30 kg/batch
3 HP
1 HP
75 kg/batch
5 HP
1 HP

Frequently Asked Questions

The Two Roll Refiners excel in refining chocolate to a particle size of 20-25 microns. Scientific consensus and sensory analysis have established that the human palate cannot discern individual particles below approximately 30 microns. By achieving a refinement well below this threshold, our refiners ensure the chocolate’s texture is so smooth that it surpasses the detection capability of the palate, thereby significantly enhancing the quality of the chocolate. This ultra-fine particle size not only contributes to a superior, silky mouthfeel but also facilitates a more immediate and complete release of flavors, markedly improving the overall tasting experience.

The precision roller adjustment feature allows you to precisely control the gap between the two rollers, enabling the fine-tuning of particle size reduction. This is crucial for achieving the desired texture and smoothness in your chocolate paste, directly impacting the quality and mouthfeel of your final chocolate products.

The series includes three models with varying capacities: ROLL 15 handles up to 15 kg/batch, ROLL 30 up to 30 kg/batch, and ROLL 75 up to 75 kg/batch. The choice of model depends on your production volume. ROLL 15 is ideal for boutique producers or those requiring small-batch refinement, ROLL 30 suits growing operations, and ROLL 75 is designed for large-scale chocolate production.

Yes, these refiners are versatile and can handle various types of chocolate—from dark to milk and white—as well as other chocolate ingredients. Adjustments can be made to accommodate the specific requirements of each type, ensuring optimal refinement across a broad range of products.

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the rollers, checking the motor and gearbox for any signs of wear, and ensuring the recirculation system is functioning properly. These steps are vital for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of the machine. Detailed maintenance guidelines are provided with each model to assist operators.

The recirculation system keeps the chocolate moving through the rollers, ensuring consistent particle size reduction and uniform texture. This constant movement prevents the chocolate from solidifying and allows for even distribution of cocoa butter within the paste, contributing to the smoothness of the final product.

Absolutely. Their compact design, adjustable settings, and transportable nature, thanks to equipped casters, make them easily integrable into existing setups, enhancing your production line without significant modifications.

Safety is a priority. Each refiner is equipped with safety guards around moving parts, emergency stop buttons, and indicator lights for operational status. These features ensure a safe working environment by minimizing the risk of accidents during operation.

The main motor’s power and the chocolate pump’s capabilities increase with the model size to accommodate larger batches. For instance, the ROLL 15 uses a 2 HP main motor and a 1 HP chocolate pump, suitable for its 15 kg/batch capacity. Conversely, the ROLL 75 employs a 5 HP main motor and a 1 HP chocolate pump, designed to efficiently manage its 75 kg/batch capacity, ensuring consistent texture and flow during the refinement process.

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