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Cocoa Cracker and Winnower

Transform Cacao Beans into Premium Nibs with Precision and Ease

Unlock the full potential of your cocoa beans with the Cracker and Winnower DEP 20, a specialized machine designed for the efficient cracking and winnowing of cacao. By seamlessly separating nibs through aeration, it produces high-quality nibs, making it an essential asset for small to medium-scale chocolate production. Experience a new level of productivity and efficiency, ensuring your operations are as smooth as the premium nibs it produces.

  • Optimized Production Capacity

    Processes up to 20 kg of cacao per hour, enhancing both efficiency and productivity for small to medium-scale operations.

  • Single-Pass Efficiency

    Our machine delivers clean, high-quality nibs in a single pass, streamlining the process to save time and boost productivity without sacrificing purity.

  • Superior Construction Material

    Made from AISI 304 stainless steel, ensuring durability, corrosion resistance, and compliance with food processing standards.

  • Efficient Shell Aspiration

    A fan and hose aspiration system effectively removes shells, ensuring a clean and efficient separation of nibs

  • Longevity and Safety

    Built to last with high-quality materials, ensuring safety and durability in food processing environments

Technical Specifications

Model Capacity Total Power
DEP 20
20 kg/h
0.8 kW

Frequently Asked Questions

The DEP 20 is specifically designed to efficiently crack cocoa beans and winnow (separate) the shells from the nibs. This machine is essential for preparing cocoa beans for the next stages of chocolate production, ensuring high-quality nibs for further processing.

The DEP 20 can process up to 20 kg of cocoa beans per hour. This capacity is ideal for small to medium-scale chocolate producers looking to streamline their production process while maintaining a high-quality output.

The DEP 20 is capable of adjusting to different sizes and types of cocoa beans through its variable frequency drive which controls the speed of the cracking process. This allows for fine-tuning based on the hardness and size of the beans, ensuring optimal cracking without damaging the nibs, regardless of the cocoa bean variety.

The DEP 20 is equipped with a robust three-phase motor, which operates at 1.0 HP and 1800 RPM. This motor ensures reliable and efficient performance during the cracking and winnowing processes.

The machine uses standard electrical connections with options for 220v, 380v, or 440v at 50-60 Hz, making it versatile for global use in different electrical environments. The energy efficiency is optimized to keep operational costs low while maintaining effective processing.

The DEP 20 is constructed from high-quality stainless steel AISI 304, ensuring durability, corrosion resistance, and compliance with food safety standards. This material choice guarantees a long service life and easy maintenance.

Yes, the DEP 20 is suitable for processing organic cocoa beans. It’s important to ensure that the machine is thoroughly cleaned and free from any potential contaminants that might compromise the organic status of the beans. Additionally, since organic beans often vary widely in size and shape, taking advantage of the machine’s adjustability will help maintain a high-quality product.

Efficient winnowing is crucial as it removes the bitter-tasting shells from the nibs, which can significantly impact the flavor profile of the final chocolate product. The DEP 20’s precise air flow controls allow for optimal separation, ensuring that the nibs are clean and free of shell fragments, thereby preserving their natural flavor and quality.

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