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Hot Air Roaster

Precision Roasting for Unmatched Flavor

Our Hot Air Roasters sets the standard for excellence in artisanal batch roasting. Whether you’re crafting the perfect batch of cocoa, coffee, or related products, our roasters deliver unparalleled consistency and flavor. With both electric and gas-powered options, find the perfect fit for your roasting needs.

  • Versatile Capacity

    From small batches to larger productions, our roasters handle 5 kg to 25 kg per batch, accommodating the scale of your operations.

  • Advanced Control

    Variable frequency drives allow for precise motor speed adjustments, ensuring perfect roast every time

  • Durability and Hygiene

    Crafted from high-quality stainless steel AISI 304, our roasters are built for longevity and easy maintenance

  • Viewing Chamber

    Each roaster comes equipped with a process viewer, allowing for real-time monitoring of the roasting process

  • Safety First

    Integral security guards ensure operator safety, maintaining our commitment to your team's well-being

Technical Specifications

Model Capacity Roasting Time Power (Gas version) Power (Electric version)
5 kg/batch
20 min/batch
1.1 kW
19 kW
TCV 10
10 kg/batch
25 min/batch
1.3 kW
27.5 kW
TCV 25
25 kg/batch
25 min/batch
2.3 kW
37 kW

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Hot Air Roasters are engineered for versatility, perfect for batch roasting cocoa, coffee, and related products. Their precise control and even heat distribution ensure exceptional quality across a variety of roasting needs.

We offer roasters capable of handling batches from 5 kg up to 25 kg, accommodating both small-scale artisanal operations and larger production needs with ease.

Absolutely. Both our electric and gas-powered models come with advanced control units, including variable frequency drives for electric versions and automatic ignition with adjustable flame intensity for gas models. These features allow for precise adjustments to both temperature and airflow, ensuring the perfect roast every time.

Our roasters are constructed from high-quality stainless steel AISI 304, renowned for its longevity and ease of cleaning. This material ensures your roaster remains durable against the rigors of daily use and maintains the highest standards of hygiene.

Yes, each roaster is designed with user convenience in mind. The pyramid hopper type with a sliding gate makes loading simple and efficient, while the front hatch with a handle allows for easy access to discharged products.

The electric-powered Hot Air Roasters uses electric heat supply from 19 kW to 37 kW, ensuring consistent and precise heating. The gas-powered models, on the other hand, feature a gas burner with automatic ignition, offering flexibility and efficiency in heat application.

Safety is a paramount concern for us. Our roasters come with integral security guards and a robust support structure. These features ensure the machine’s stability and the operator’s safety during use.

Yes, each roaster features a process chamber equipped with a viewer, allowing for real-time monitoring of the toasting process to ensure each batch meets your standards.

Each Hot Air Roaster comes with a one-year quality guarantee. This warranty covers malfunctions caused by manufacturing defects. Issues arising from operational mistakes or external factors are the responsibility of the client, but we’re always here to support you with any challenges you might face.

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