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Experience cocoa and chocolate production at its best with Vulcanotec, the industry’s leading provider of high-performance machinery. Our expertise in cocoa and chocolate machinery guarantees top-tier outcomes.

Our specialized equipment is designed for superior chocolate production, making us the preferred industry choice. Explore the following benefits:

  • Unparalleled excellence in cocoa and chocolate machinery.
  • Meticulous preservation of cocoa’s unique properties throughout the entire process.
  • Efficient solutions that yield outstanding chocolate.
  • Extensive expertise in the world of cocoa.
  • Personalized support and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Bellow are the examples for our products lines contain all the necessary machines for diverse exploitation needs.

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Cocoa Processing Lines

Bean to Bar Line

Our bean-to-bar machine lineup offers you complete control over the entire process, starting from raw cocoa beans and leading to a superb conching process. This allows you to craft distinctive chocolate bars with your unique recipe.

All our machines are user-friendly, simplifying both operation and cleaning. Our specialized system ensures that there’s no risk of cross-contamination with previous formulations, giving you peace of mind in maintaining the purity of your chocolate creations.

Production Lines:
The production line consists of:

Spreadable cream and nut pastes Line

Our line empowers you to create a variety of spreadable creams and nut pastes. Tailor your recipes by adjusting ingredient percentages effortlessly. Enjoy user-friendly, easy-to-clean machines, and a built-in system to prevent cross-contamination.

Production Lines:
The production line consists of:

Cocoa Processing Machines

Hot Air Cocoa Roaster

Model Capacity Roasting Time Power (Gas version) Power (Electric version)
5 kg/batch
20 min/batch
1.1 kW
19 kW
TCV 10
10 kg/batch
25 min/batch
1.3 kW
27.5 kW
TCV 25
25 kg/batch
25 min/batch
2.3 kW
37 kW

Cocoa roasting is the cornerstone of chocolate flavor and quality. Our advanced Hot Air Roaster sets new standards by precisely distributing heat across every cocoa bean’s surface, ensuring uniform roasting. Clients appreciate the roaster’s versatility and its low maintenance costs due to its absence of mechanical parts. 

Our Hot Air Roaster offers precise control over the roasting process, helping clients fine-tune their flavor profiles. Experience exceptional chocolate quality and efficiency with our innovative Hot Air Roaster. Produces 100 dB.

Cacao Cracker and Winnower

Model Capacity Total Power
DEP 20
20 kg/h
0.8 kW

Following the cocoa roasting process, obtaining clean nibs without shells is essential. Our Cracker and Winnower accomplishes this with its efficient suction and innovative design, achieving the desired result in a single pass, thus optimizing processing times.

Moreover, maintaining and cleaning this equipment is straightforward, making it an ideal choice for hassle-free cocoa processing. Say goodbye to the hassle of shell removal and embrace a more efficient and streamlined cocoa production process.

Cacao Cracker, Winnower & Sorter

Model Capacity Total Power
DCV 30
30 kg/h
2.2 kW
DCV 80
80 kg/h
2.9 kW
DCV 120
120 kg/h
3.1 kW
DCV 250
250 kg/h
5 kW

Our cutting-edge system introduces a new dimension to cocoa processing. The roller system meticulously fractures roasted cocoa beans with precision, minimizing the presence of cocoa dust and optimizing process efficiency.

The perfect interplay of a refined vibration and a robust vacuum system ensures nibs with less than 1% husk content, substantially reducing waste. Moreover, the quantity of cocoa dust retained within the husk is almost negligible. Additionally, our efficient sorting system enables the extraction of various-sized nibs. This comprehensive solution guarantees both exceptional nib quality and versatility in nib size, revolutionizing your cocoa processing experience.

Cocoa Pre Grinder

Model Capacity Total Power
MC 40
30 - 40 kg/h
3 kW

our specialized machine efficiently grinds cocoa nibs to create a luscious cocoa paste. Through a screw conveyor, the nibs are seamlessly transported to precision grinding discs, ensuring a smooth paste.

Our pregrinder stands out with its user-friendly regulation system, simplifying maintenance while maintaining consistent results. Furthermore, its uncomplicated design streamlines cleaning and reduces maintenance, offering an easy and efficient solution for cocoa processing.

Two Roll Chocolate Refiner

Model Capacity Main Motor Chocolate pump
15 kg/batch
2 HP
1 HP
30 kg/batch
3 HP
1 HP
75 kg/batch
5 HP
1 HP

Our 2-Roll Refiner is your solution for refining, mixing, and pre-conching chocolate formulations, creams, and nut pastes to perfection.

It all begins with cocoa paste, thoughtfully processed by the Cocoa Pregrinder, poured into the upper roll chamber. After the initial refining, it journeys to the lower container, where it’s recirculated into the roll chamber, achieving continuous refinement.

Key ingredients like sugar, milk, and cocoa butter are meticulously integrated. A dedicated chocolate pump ensures precise micron size by recirculating the formulation. This efficient process, complete with two ventilation spots, reduces conching time, optimizing your chocolate production.

Chocolate Ball Mill Refiner

Model Capacity Total Power
REB 15
15 kg/batch
2.5 kW
REB 30
30 kg/batch
3 kW
REB 75
75 kg/batch
6.2 kW

Our Chocolate Ball Mill is the key to refining and mixing your finest chocolates and creams to perfection.

The cocoa paste is gently deposited into the container, where, during processing, other essential ingredients like cocoa butter, sugar, and milk powder are meticulously added.

Notably, our Ball Refiner features two convenient product outlets – one located at the bottom and another accessible through the upper pump. This design ensures precise control and flexibility in your chocolate and cream crafting process, making it easier and more efficient.

Chocolate Sieve

Model Capacity Total Power
40 - 60 kg/h
50 W

In the chocolate crafting process, our Chocolate Sieve plays a crucial role in eliminating impurities through precision vibration.

This essential step guarantees the highest-quality chocolate. Customizable to your needs, it allows for fineness as fine as 15 microns or to meet specific customer requirements.

Using our sieve is a breeze. Pour your product through the upper section, where vibration expertly sifts and refines the chocolate, preparing it for conching. Maintenance and cleaning are quick and straightforward, minimizing downtime in your production process.

Chocolate Conching Machine

Model Capacity Total Power
CCV 15
15 kg/batch
4 kW
CCV 30
30 kg/batch
7 kW
CCV 75
75 kg/batch
9 kW

Chocolate Conche Machine takes center stage, offering indispensable insights into conching.

After undergoing refinement and sieving, chocolate embarks on its conching journey, where it relinquishes its intrinsic acidity, resulting in an elevated flavor profile and a smoother texture.

Our Chocolate Conche Machine boasts a stirrer system that diligently manages chocolate-wall interaction, ensuring a perfect cut and the right level of friction. With a built-in jacket, it masterfully controls temperature, guaranteeing an efficient conching process, and presenting a harmonious blend of flavor and texture.

Chocolate Dispenser

Model Capacity Total Power
3 - 80g
0.56 kW

Our chocolate and nut cream dispenser is the ultimate solution for your final packaging stage, ensuring precise and efficient dosing. With adjustable speeds and automatic functionality, it accommodates a range from 4g to 80g per dose, with a generous 8-liter hopper capacity.

The dispenser is not only reliable but also quick and easy to clean and maintain, saving you valuable time and effort in your production process.

Panning Machine

Model Capacity Total Power
GV 5
5 Kg
2.3 kW

Unlock the potential of our panning machine, designed with key features in mind.

Effortlessly coat with chocolate, sweet syrups, nuts, and more. The process is remarkably efficient, with adjustable speed for precision control. What sets it apart is the independent cooling or heating system, offering superior process control for your desired product outcome. Plus, this versatile machine can also expertly polish your dragées, ensuring a presentation that dazzles. Explore a new level of coating and polishing with our panning machine.

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