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Precision Pouring for Exquisite Creations

Improve your chocolate crafting with the DSV Chocolate Dispenser, designed to deliver precise amounts of chocolate cream with exceptional consistency. Ideal for chocolatiers seeking to optimize efficiency and maintain uniformity in product quality across various operational scales, this dispenser is a pivotal tool in enhancing your production process. From small artisan workshops to large-scale manufacturing, the DSV Chocolate Dispenser ensures each chocolate creation is as perfect as the last.

  • Accurate Dispensing Control

    Dispenses 30-80 grams of chocolate cream per operation, perfect for precise portioning and reducing waste.

  • Adjustable Settings

    Features a variable frequency drive to modify motor speed for optimal flow, accommodating different viscosities and types of chocolate cream.

  • Reliable Operation

    Equipped with a control unit that uses light signaling to indicate operation status, including start-stop controls, airflow monitoring, and temperature display.

  • High Capacity Hopper

    Comes with an 8-liter hopper, reducing the need for frequent refills and supporting continuous production.

  • Robust Construction

    Made entirely from stainless steel AISI 304, ensuring durability, hygiene, and easy maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Model Capacity Total Power
3 - 80g
0.56 kW

Frequently Asked Questions

The DSV Chocolate Dispenser uses a precise control unit with light signaling to monitor and regulate each dispensing action. The variable frequency drive allows for adjustment of motor speed to match the viscosity of the chocolate cream, ensuring consistent and accurate dispensing each time.

Yes, the dispensing volume can be finely tuned within the range of 30-80 grams to meet specific recipe requirements or production needs. This flexibility allows users to produce uniformly portioned products, crucial for quality control and customer satisfaction.

The DSV Chocolate Dispenser is versatile and capable of handling various types of chocolate cream, from thicker pastes to more fluid mixtures. The adjustable motor speed and temperature control features make it suitable for a wide range of chocolate viscosities.

Cleaning the DSV Chocolate Dispenser involves disassembling removable parts such as the hopper and dispensing mechanism. These components are designed for easy cleaning, typically requiring only mild detergent and warm water. The stainless steel construction also simplifies sanitation, providing a non-porous surface that does not harbor bacteria.

By providing quick, consistent, and precise dispensing, the DSV Chocolate Dispenser significantly reduces the time typically required for manual portioning. Its efficiency allows producers to increase their throughput while ensuring each batch meets quality standards.

The DSV Chocolate Dispenser is designed with simplicity in mind, featuring intuitive controls that are easy to understand. Basic training on machine operation, cleaning, and maintenance is usually sufficient, ensuring users can quickly become proficient.

Safety is a priority with the DSV Chocolate Dispenser. It includes integral security guards around moving parts to prevent accidental contact. The machine also features emergency stop controls and stable design elements to ensure safe operation at all times.

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