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Chocolate Panning Machine

Vulcanotec stainless steel Panning Machine with Drum, temperature regulator and thermal source.

Vulcanotec is known not only by the professional machine lines producing chocolate, but also by the coating equipment including the Panning machine which is one of the best machines of the sort.

Speaking about the Coating machine it is necessary to mention some of its advantages and work principles. 


First of all, this machine can coat 5 kg of diverse types of nuts, dried fruits and even raisins with chocolate, syrups and other liquids. 


Secondly, the machine is available in 2 variants :


1) Electric heat source

2) Gas heat source

The Panning machine consists of a moving drum which allows the products a perfect coating and a heat / cooling system to the inside, to obtain exquisites dragees,

Under the drum there us a flame/electric heater which is controlled by the bottons connected with the machine. This way the manufacturer can control the strength of the heat and make the perfect product. 

The purpose of the blowing pipe inside is the following: the hot or the cold air flows inside to create the ideal environment for formation of the exquisite taste. This system has a 1.5 kW heating element. The air flows are controlled by the buttons which are understandable for the manufacturers from all over the world. 


The machine is created for the productors and the aim of Vulcanotec is to make the manufacture fully controlled (the speed, the temperature). 

The Panning machine is built from stainless steel AISI 304 and it is easy to transport in small places as it has casters, as well as it is easy to maintain and clean.