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20 Kg/h Cacao Cracker & Winnower

Full view of Vulcanotec 20 kg/h cacao Winnower, Full Stainless Steel, control board

Our Cacao Cracker & Winnower Machine model DEP 20, which is one of the most requested machines in our company.

Winnowers are always in demand whereas it excellently performs its function of cracking cacao beans into clean cacao nibs.

So, there are some facts confirming that Winnower is a high-quality machine doing its job at the highest level.

To begin with, cacao beans only need to go through the machine once, so there is no necessity of restarting the process for several times. Our clients have been using the Winnower of our company for more than 3 years without any cases of repeating the process.

The second point proving that the Winnower is effective at its job is the efficient husk suction. The fact is that the built-in system is of suitable capacity for the machine, so it is powerful enough to process all the roasted beans. In addition, all the necessary information such as  the motor’s frequency it can be seen on the special screen, which makes it easy to control.

Furthermore, one of the most important points to mention is the fact that our Cocoa Winnower guarantees nibs with a negligible proportion of  husks (< 1%).

The final reason why the Winnower is of the most profitable machine is that it spends little energy on maintenanceLow maintenance cost determines subsequent usage of the machine over years with no technical problems.

To sum up all have been mentioned, Cacao Cracker & Winnower is a good example of an efficient machine which play a very important role in producing chocolate. Winnower has all the necessary advantages of separating beans from husk and has shown itself as a practicaluseful and productive machine through the years of usage by our clients.

While the machine is very efficient it does not require an excessive use of electricity. On the contrary, Winnower consume minimal energy  resource.

It is important to mention that our machines are easy to use and easy  to transport  , which makes them convenient and effective in utilization. It is enough to push one button and control the whole process with your eyes. The cocoa beans will start to go through the machine automatically, cleaning from the shells. This Easy to handle Winnower has been used by Vulcanotec clients from all over the world including European, Asian and American continents.

Moreover, the practical design of the Cracker & Winnower should be mentioned. Cocoa Winnower designed to separate shells from nibs by efficient ventilation, it is a compact model easy to handle and clean. It is very compact and has a small monoblock size.

The machine has been designed with a pyramid-type feed hopper with auger system for transporting the product. What refers to the materials used to create this machine, this is stainless steel AISI 304.  As it is accessible in a compact monoblock size it is also available to have some spare parts to the machine. To be more exact about the size of the machine there are some more details:

  • its weight is approximately 37 kg;
  • production capacity of approximately 20 kg/h;
  • it operates with 1 HP (0.75 kW) motor in either single-phase or three-phase version, a gearmotor is used for better control of the nibs process;
  •  Made of Stainless Steel AISI 304